Diet Coke, wait Cocaine???

Finally Coca-Cola came clean and annouced that aspartame is drug, well sorta unitentionally. Their new Diet Coke commerical pronouces that when you drink Diet Coke “Your on Diet Coke”. This campaign has a few key messages and none of them are good.

“Your on” may sound innocent, but not really when you attach the product Diet Coke to it. Coke is also short for cocaine which as we know is an illict drug. This strategy by Coca-Cola was not well though out and give misnomers of what soda can do for you. Connecting your product with drugs is strategy that is used mainly by pharmaceutical companies who actually sell drugs.

Diet Coke had a good thing going with Taylor Swift and other younger stars. Even Swift is conservative and really has no edge to her she connects with almost every 13-24 girl who might like soda but do not like the calories. The brand recognition of Diet Coke is so high that I ponder the reasoning for even attaching a slogan. Why not use the product as the slogan and let it sell itself. Coca-Cola is scared that people are drinking less soda and they are trying to keep their flagship brand in society, but their execution was just dumb.

Coca-Cola has diversified their product line since their last big marketing gamble that did not pan out, but both of their blunders have been with Coke and now Diet Coke. Everyone remembers and we were all taught about how Coca-Cola was scared of Pepsi and almost killed their other flagship, Coke, when they introduced New Coke in the mid 1980’s. Maybe Coca-Cola is just trying to self-sabotage because their are now shortage of conspiracy theories surrounding the launch of New Coke. We will see in the next few months how Coca-Cola will respond to the negative reviews and re-tool the campaign.


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  1. Reblogged this on Kasandra Callaway and commented:
    Coca-Cola has always been a well though-out company and I have always been please with their campaigns and advertisements until now. A fellow classmate of mine blogged this week about the new Diet coke campaign, with the slogan “You’re on Diet Coke”. Implying, just as Mac had stated, that you are on it as if it is a drug. Having such a past relating to drugs, specifically cocaine, their slogan is sending nothing but the wrong messages.
    I can see how they may have been trying to sell the product but there are too many mixed messages. They may have been trying to use the “you’re on” as more of the idea that you become addicted to diet Coke. Diet coke is delicious and offers the same great taste but less calories, so good you will be on it. But still it doesn’t send off good vibes to me. Nobody wants to become addicted to something, especially soda. They definitely could have approached this differently, and just like Mac said, they didn’t even need to create a slogan. It’s a product of Coke, and it already well established and loved by millions, there was no need to add a slogan just to create a campaign. They should instead stick what they do best, stay light hearted, use the warm and fuzzies, and televise commercials using celebrity endorsements.

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